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58 Billion single use plastic bandages will enter our ecosystems this year. That's 9,000 since you started reading this sentence. It's now time to make the switch to a fabric that heals the wild. Our Hyperfine® merino wool fiber has been protecting skin for tens of thousands of years. Nature’s miracle fiber keeps you safe & comfortable in any environment.



Name: Lucas Smith

Age: 25

Role: Founder & Creative Director

Location: Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


The Southern Alps feature constantly throughout my life. My childhood was spent learning from our Flora, Fauna and Whānau about the importance of our alpine ecosystem.


My first job began on a high country merino sheep station where I gained hope, knowledge and comfort knowing that my generation can solve the climate crisis by sequestering atmospheric carbon through regenerative agricultural practices, like the production of the merino wool fiber.


As a mountain guide, I faced the reality of thoughtless plastic pollution. I don’t want future generations wading through billions of used plastic bandages as they enjoy what is left of our precious ecosystems.


Will you help to heal with wild alongside me?



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