Crafting medical merino wool into revolutionary woundcare products.

Our world first merino wool bandages are custom made for a life in the mountains. Our 9oz Hyperfine™ merino wool fabric was built by sunlight, glacial water, healthy soils, plant energy and free roaming sheep.


Evolved for performance, merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, quick drying, comfortable, moisture wicking and, flexible. When you're finished with your bandage, bury it and it'll return the stored carbon back to the soil to begin this beautiful process again. 

Heal your wounds and the planet.

Our silky soft merino fiber has been evolving, nurturing and protecting skin from the wilds since 11,000 B.C. We are on a mission to design adhesive bandages that showcase the incredible healing properties of nature’s miracle fiber.

To experience the healing powers of merino wool and to feel our zero gravity feeling bandages, click below.

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