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The world's first merino wool adhesive bandage

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Flexisoft comfort

HyperfineTM merino is soft and flexible like a comfort blanket for your wound


Super stick

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Wool can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor , moving it away to evaporate into the open air.


Tough tested

Merino fiber is naturally strong. From Alaska to New Zealand, on athletes and kids, we’ve put WoolAid through its paces and it goes the distance

Merino wool is biodegradable. From nature, back to nature.

Merino Fabric

Our bandage fabric is 100% HyperfineTM merino wool

Plastic Free

It's simple, merino is plastic free and has no latex.


WoolAid stays put with our medical grade adhesive

Using EO (ethylene oxide) sterilization, your bandage is in tip-top shape to cover your wound

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Merino adapts to your body, warming when its cold and releasing heat and moisture when its hot.

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Plastic hurts, merino wool heals


"It began in the wild, born of a need for a practical, effective wound cover that keeps you going. Inspired by the tough New Zealand high country, WoolAid heals you, without hurting the world. We’re naturally better for you, and for our future”


L.H.I. Smith, Founder.

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Plastic hurts, merino wool heals

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