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 Our Story


Our founder, Lucas Smith first came up with the idea for WoolAid back in 2016 after working as a mountain guide on the great walks of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


He soon learnt that something as small as a blister had the power to pull focus from the whole experience; traditional plastic bandages just didn’t cut it for use in the mountains.

Lucas couldn't understand why merino wool, a fibre that evolved to protect skin from the wild, was not being used as a performance bandage fabric?


Why was nobody making a better bandage?

All offerings pointed to plastic and a natural performance alternative simply wasn't an option; until now.

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Healing the wild.

Lucas always had a strong passion for protecting the environment and it was this ethos that gave him a desire to develop a product that not only performed well but didn't hurt the earth, something that was naturally better. Years of research and development lead to the creation of WoolAid, the world’s first merino wool bandage.

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WoolAid bandages allow your skin to breathe as it heals creating an environment that is ideal for wound healing and our medical merino fabric is proven to biodegrade within four months in soil.

WoolAid is, naturally better.


Over 800 years of healing with incredible views.

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