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We're PFAS-free!

What is PFAS?

PFAS, short for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are man-made chemicals found in many everyday items like non-stick pans, food wrappers, firefighting foam, and waterproof clothing. They're popular in clothing because they perform well at repelling water, oil, and stains. However, these same chemicals can also be very harmful as they never break down and have been linked to cancer. 

PFAS in Bandages

These cancer-causing forever chemicals have also been found in 65% of the bandages tested in a recent study from Mamavation. Fluorine was tested which is a key indicator of the PFAS chemicals and 26 of the 40 bandages tested had fluorine detection over 10ppm. Forever chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of cancer so it is very alarming that these chemicals have been found on bandages that we put on our open wounds potentially allowing them to enter the bloodstream. Linda Birnbaum, Scientist Emeritus and Former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences said “Because bandages are placed upon open wounds, it’s troubling to learn that they may also be exposing children and adults to PFAS. It’s obvious from the data that PFAS are not needed for wound care.”

The good news is that WoolAid bandages have been tested and there has been NO detection of the fluorine chemical. Adding to the list of benefits of using merino wool as a wound cover. WoolAid bandage fabric is 100% merino wool that is highly breathable and biodegradable. As well as all components of our bandage have no fluorine detection to 10ppm. Naturally better for you and the environment. 

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