15 Nior Hyperfine® merino wool bandages & our limited edition artist series packaging.


You may have noticed "Noir" in our collection is misspelled. Lucas, Founder of Wool+Aid, found out he was Dyslexic when he first began primary school. The challenges & unique perspectives gained aided him on the idea creation of Wool+Aid  from humble notebook sketching to a product that speaks elegantly for itself while respecting the circle of life.


Our belief is that everything, mental or physical, heals if you protect, adapt and support. We are making sure the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand are keeping up their exceptional work through donations made for every bandage sold.


Nior Bandage Collection limited to 240,019 unique 76x19mm Hyperfine® merino wool bandages.


Buy one, Heal one | #wooltotheaid | www.dyslexiafoundation.org.nz



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